NEW! Radio Israel is excited to announce we are now also broadcasting the in-depth teachings of our popular Bible study program ‘Under The Fig Tree’ in English for our English-speaking audience.

It has been on Jack’s* wishlist for quite a while now: broadcasting radio programs in English as well as in Dutch in order to reach a wider public. Now it is becoming a reality as Bible teacher Debby van Galen is also working on translating and podcasting her previously broadcasted teachings on Radio in English.

As the podcasts are being recorded, they will also become available for broadcasting on our radio station during the hours most of our English listeners tune in. We would love to hear from you. Let us know what you think about this development.

BTW Check out our website frequently the coming period as we continue working on our website to make it available to our non-Dutch speaking audience. Also, if you click on the symbols in the top right corner flags will appear which give you the option of converting our website to English. Go ahead and try, and enjoy browsing.


Jack van der Tang is founder and president of Radio He began the internet radio station in 2014



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