A longtime wish has been fulfilled: making Radio Israel.nl also accessible to a wider public than only our Dutch-speaking audience.


You may have noticed two funny symbols in the top right corner of our website. Well, when you click on it a choice between the Dutch and US flag appears. Clicking on the US flag will automatically translate our website into English by using – you may have guessed it – Google Translation. This does mean that sometimes certain words seem out of place, which is correct for the English variant. Our advice is to either ignore it or investigate it.

As soon as circumstances permit us we will continue improving the website for our ‘other language’-speaking friends, be it a better translation of the English version or another language. If you would like to make a suggestion for a language, please feel free to tell us via the comment section below!

Podcast and Online Radio
Another development is the publication of our Bible study podcast in English. You will find these when you go to your favorite podcast app and look up Radio Israel EN. Listening to the Bible studies in English on live online radio is also an option. You will find our broadcasting schedule in Weekly program under “Radio” Look for Under The Fig Tree (EN) to find out what time; all times are in CET.

We would love to hear from you!


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